Benefits of Remote Design Services


Remote design services provide a convenient way to decorate and design a home, business or short-term rental. This service is especially helpful to clients who are already busy professionals who want assistance with the direction for a design and easy sourcing. 

Clients receive personalized advice and access to exclusive products and materials that may not be available in the local area. We work with a service that provides discounts from 10-50% on high-end well made furniture and decor. 

Etta Bee Home Design Remote creates convenience and flexibility by  comparing prices for clients so we can find products at discounted prices and  free shipping on select items. This is a very flexible option for many budget points and we’ve done remote projects for clients based in Boston, New Hampshire, Montana, Northern California and New Orleans. 

It is a fluid process that allows clients to give real-time feedback on their schedule to help shape the design process.