A color consultant is a great asset to have when remodeling, redecorating or selling your home. A color consultation helps you decide which rooms to punch up or tone down for maximum wow factor. Having a color consultant can also save you time and money–in fact you do not need to buy all new furniture! We provide samples and ideas for colors, saving you from having to search for the perfect color yourself.We’ll even go so far as to give advice on finishes throughout the home that can help pull a look together

Familiar with the latest trends in color, my approach tends towards finding a balance between your wants/needs, the history of your home and your aspirations. 

"Transformational' is to put it lightly. Kristen's attention to detail whether it's color, furniture arrangement...her ability to collaborate is excellent. My house sold in 5 days due in large part to her beautiful imagination and ability to see what I couldn't see."

~ TONY C, New Orleans

"Super grateful for having known Kristen, she was able to take my description of the feeling I was looking for and convert it into a color palette that we just absolutely love! Thanks so much!"

~ Rob W, Costa Rica

"Kristen and her team at Etta Bee Home were fast, efficient and under budget. They stepped in (and with limited remote collaboration) to solve an office design challenge on a short timeline and with a limited budget - and delivered!"

~ Mark Garrett