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A little about me...

Born prematurely during a cold and windy Montana winter, I wasn’t one to shy away from a challenge. I spent my childhood between Japan and rural Montana. In 7th grade, a beloved teacher taught us about Positive Mental Attitude and we were required to map out our future. My “map” included attending Texas A & M and becoming an Interior Designer. But instead, life diverted me to live in Scotland, Costa Rica and Black Rock City, NV before twisting and turning and finally allowing me to land back on my childhood passion.

I’m an avid traveler, trained writer and educator, and untrained goofball of energy. People may know me as a barista who can throw down the best latte they’ve ever had or a math teacher who has taught them complex math concepts, but may not know I’m also a former roller derby girl. I can survey shade structures in the desert and get groovy on stage. Show art in Scotland? Skinny-dip in Italy? Hitchhike in Washington? Check, check and check!

After moving back to Northwestern Montana to care for my family, I was ready to dig deep into a creative life, coming full circle to connect “12 year-old me” with “present-day me.” I deeply enjoy people and feel extremely privileged and humbled to work with both the best real estate team in New Orleans and independently when in Montana.

"Transformational' is to put it lightly. Kristen's attention to detail whether it's color, furniture arrangement...her ability to collaborate is excellent. My house sold in 5 days due in large part to her beautiful imagination and ability to see what I couldn't see."

~ TONY C, New Orleans

"Super grateful for having known Kristen, she was able to take my description of the feeling I was looking for and convert it into a color palette that we just absolutely love! Thanks so much!"

~ Rob W, Costa Rica

"Kristen and her team at Etta Bee Home were fast, efficient and under budget. They stepped in (and with limited remote collaboration) to solve an office design challenge on a short timeline and with a limited budget - and delivered!"

~ Mark Garrett